Born in 1977 and growing up in the declining industrial city of Haifa I have witnessed first hand how urban planning decisions can push a city towards decay. I had the fortune to spend two years in Portland, Oregon on a relocation assignment and saw how city decisions can also propel a city toward success.

I hold a PhD in Urban Geography from Tel Aviv University. My research is focused on the complex relationship between the built environment and pedestrian movement in the urban realm. Besides my PhD research I have been involved in various planning projects for municipal and national bodies in Israel. I have written a few academic papers and you can follow my academic profile here.

Most of the time I am an urban planner working as an associate at PlaNet Consultancy. Our expertise lies in spatial analysis and accessibility studies. We rely on different kind of methods, among them that of space syntax. Our consultancy works with government agencies, municipalities and private planning firms both in Israel and beyond. We have worked on brownfield projects, urban centers revival, complex transportation interchanges and new urban quarters.

For further information and if you want to send me anything feel free to contact me through e-mail: yoavlerman at gmail dot com.